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Blood Transfusions: It occasionally becomes important to perform blood transfusions on patients in emergency situations when they have lost blood from some sort of wound (hit by car, shot, and fight with another animal). Other time this treatment may become important is when your pet has a chronic condition that causes levels of blood cells to drop dangerously low. This can happen because of infections, parasites, or ingestion of some poisons. We have the ability to find your pet’s blood type, and with the assistance of volunteer animals (who happen to live with our staff members), are able to perform this life-saving procedure in house.

Cancer Treatment: Just as in people, cancer in animals is a frightening and sometimes painful experience. With a wide range of cancer types our pets are susceptible to requires us to have many options for treatment available to our clients. While some tumors can be controlled with surgical procedures, others require medications. With all the options out there, it is good to know the doctors at Rugby Veterinary Service are always working to expand their knowledge of treatment options and willing to work with you to help come up with a treatment protocol that will work for you and your pet. As with any other disease process in animals, you are an important member of the team that helps to return your pet to health.

Dental Care: At Rugby Veterinary Service, we consider dental health to be very important for your pet’s overall health. If your pet develops tartar and gingivitis the infection that follows can spread to other organ systems and cause life threatening disease. During each wellness examination the doctor will check your pet’s teeth to see if a professional cleaning needs to be done. We perform our dental prophylaxis under general anesthesia; therefore it is a day long process. As with any pet health process in animals, you are an important member of the team that helps to keep your pet healthy. Regular teeth brushing is possible if you start at puppy / kittenhood. We also carry some products that you can offer your pet to help control bad breath odors and keep the teeth clean between professional cleanings.

Emergency and Critical Care: It is our great joy to help keep your pets healthy, but even the healthiest animal can meet with an accident or be exposed to something that will cause illness. Our highly trained veterinarians can help with a wide variety of emergency situations. We always have a veterinarian “on call” for those times when your pet cannot wait for our next appointment opening. During business hours while we prefer to see your pets by appointment, we will move animals that need critical care to the front of the line.

Farm Calls: Our doctors are able to visit your farm with fully equipped vehicles to help out with situations when moving your large animals to our facility is impossible. Herd work and down cows can be seen right in your own barn.

Fully Stocked Pharmacy: We carry all of the items our doctors typically prescribe right on site to save you a trip to another facility. When you are able to take your pet’s prescription home from Rugby Veterinary Service you can be sure you are getting exactly what the doctor wants for your pet and we can give you precise directions for administration along with helpful hints on how to keep the medication IN your pet.

Herd Health Consultation: In order to keep a current doctor / client / patient relationship Rugby Veterinary Service wants to see your cattle operation each year so we can give you the best service possible. If we have not been out to your farm recently (or if you have not had cattle seen in our facility), call to schedule a Herd Health Consultation today! This annual contact is important so we can keep you supplied with product that you can only get by prescription.

Euthanasia Services: Unfortunately, our patients suffer from disease processes that we are unable to reverse. When you are dealing with end of life issues for your pet we can help with palliative care or direct euthanasia. We also contract with a cremation service so your pet can be interred with care.

Laser Surgery: All of our surgical procedures (with the exception of cat neuters) are performed with a surgical CO2 laser. The laser is used instead of a scalpel. When cutting tissue with the surgical laser nerves and blood vessels are cut in such a way that bleeding, swelling, and post-operative pain are reduced. Even cat declaws can be done with minimal discomfort.

Microchipping: Our clinic can implant your pet with an AVID microchip. This device, which is about the size of a grain of rice, is implanted under the skin in your pet’s neck and serves as a permanent identification system. Records are kept in a national database that will help to reunite you with your pet if they are brought to any facility with a microchip reading device.

Nutritional Counseling: Nutrition is an important component to keeping your pet happy and healthy. It is also a crucial part of any healing process. The staff at Rugby Veterinary Service can help you decide what the best product is for you to feed your pets. We carry a full line of Science Diet / Prescription Diet for your convenience.

On-Site Laboratory: Our in-house laboratory gives us the ability to diagnose many diseases within minutes. We can check blood chemistry, perform microscope analysis, and run tests to detect heartworm, feline leukemia, parvo-virus, or find the blood type of your pet. Having access to this resource keeps us from loosing critical time waiting for information before we can begin treating your pet.

Pain Management: Nobody likes to be in pain. Even more so, nobody likes to see their beloved pet in pain. We use a wide variety of pain management techniques at Rugby Veterinary Service. From medications that are formulated to be safe and effective for your pet, to surgical techniques that reduce pain and swelling at the surgical site, to our therapy laser capabilities. We can help find the most effective pain relief solutions for your pet.

Parasite Prevention and Control: Keeping your pets parasite free is not only important for his health, but for the health of your entire family. While the idea of your dog sharing fleas with you is unpleasant at best, the fact that they can spread internal parasites with your family is downright dangerous. As with most things, the best defense is a good offence. We can develop a plan that will prevent your pet from bringing dangerous parasites into your home.

Puppy and Kitten Care: New babies are great! They are also a whole lot of work. When you bring your new puppy or kitten in for her initial examination (which should happen between 6 – 8 weeks of age) we can begin those vaccinations that will help to keep her healthy. We will also be able to make sure you have all the information you need to solve some of those training problems and put together a wellness program that will keep her in tip top condition.

Rabbits and Small Mammals: Pocket pets are not simply smaller animals to have around. Each type of animal has special health concerns. We are always happy to meet your pocket pet.

Radiology (X-Rays): We have the capability to perform radiographs on any small animal. From broken bones, to foreign body location our on-site x-ray machine with developer will help us to get your pet back in motion as soon as possible.

Senior Care: As your pet ages his medical needs change dramatically. When your pet begins to approach middle age it is important to keep a close eye on their health. Many disease processes develop silently over a long period of time. With periodic blood testing we are able to recognize the earliest signs of life shortening diseases while there is still plenty of time to manage them with dietary changes or nutrition supplements. Let us help your pet enjoy his golden years.

Surgery: Our doctors are able to perform everything from the most routine surgeries (“spays” and neuters) all the way to ACL repair surgeries or bone fracture repair. All of our surgical patients receive comprehensive pain management as well as use of our surgical laser, fluid therapy, professional monitoring all through induction to recovery, and therapy laser.

Vaccinations: The first thing many people think of when they consider what will happen at the vet is that their pet will get “shots”. Vaccinations are some of the least expensive insurance you will ever get for your pet and your family. With diseases like rabies and lepto that can spread to your family, keeping your pets vaccinated against these and other pathogens is the best defense your family can have against contracting these diseases themselves.

Wellness Exams: The cornerstone of any program to keep your pet healthy is having them examined by the veterinarian at least once each year. Since they cannot tell you when they are feeling under the weather it is important for the doctor to have these opportunities to check for conditions that may develop so slowly over time that you don’t notice them when you see your pet every day.

Laser Therapy: Our clinic now has the ability to treat your pet’s wounds and pain issues with a drug-free option. We have seen amazing recovery from injuries with the addition of laser therapy to our treatment protocol.